Who We Are

The Andon Group Corp not only embraces sustainability and innovation, but understands that being eco-friendly is no longer just something nice to do for the environment, but that it matters from a growth perspective, cost and margin perspective, and a brand value perspective. Everyone affects the sustainability of the marketplace and our planet in some way. This type of development within a business can create value for customers, investors, and the environment. A “green business” can meet a customer’s needs while treating the environment well at the same time. Our focus is to promote innovation and growth today without compromising our tomorrow.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES – the BioFlora® Difference!

Over the past 100 years, chemical products used in agriculture and industrial production have accumulated in the environment with toxic consequences to business productivity and ecological health. The once inexpensive petro-chemical fertilizers have now created expensive problems requiring soil remediation and water treatment plants.

Livestock and human food chains dependent on chemicals including antibiotics and hormones are increasingly expensive due to regulatory burdens, and are losing favor with consumers.

Our growing population is more exposed to existing accumulating toxins, and is driving petro-chemical costs higher, yet demanding cost effective non-chemical alternatives in our food and water choices.



Soil substances that allow for greater diversity and content of humic and fulvic acids, that are also rich in organic clay matter.


Matrixes of freshwater green and yellow-green microalgae, which play a pivotal role in soil structure and plant growth.


Beneficial microorganisms designed to suppress soil-borne plant pathogens and increase the decomposition of organic and synthetic materials.


The Andon Group’s Suite of Products represent new game-changing technologies for soil, water and food chain remediation that create brighter futures for mankind. These innovative technologies work with non-synthesized chemistry to support cellular function – thus, the result is a diverse and endless set of practical formulations that can help us live longer and healthier lives, have a more abundant and sustainable food supply, and reduce our greenhouse gas footprint.

These resulting technologies provide a series of natural, organic formulations developed for a host of applications in soil, water, and food chain remediation.

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